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An unexpected event? Have you changed your plans? You will receive a full refund of the ticket if you cancel at least seven days before the boarding date or in case of adverse weather and sea conditions. Use this form to request a full refund of the ticket.


→ The forms received will be examined to verify that the cancellation occurred within the deadline. Therefore, sending the form does not imply obtaining a refund, which will only occur at the verification’s end.

→ Timing: the procedure can be processed within one month from the date of receipt of the form.

→ Round trip tickets:

  • if you cancel both trips within the maximum deadline (seven days from the date of first boarding), you will get a refund of the entire amount;
  • Suppose you cancel only one way (always within the maximum deadline of seven days from the boarding date). In that case, you lose the right to the discount automatically applied at the time of purchase and reserved only for a return ticket. 
  • Torrelines will refund you the amount paid for the route you want to cancel, net of the 2,50€ discount, which you will no longer be able to use.

Example: if you have paid 21,00€ for a return ticket and you cancel (within seven days of boarding date) only one route, you will receive a refund of 7,50€, as the price one way is 13,50€ (as indicated in the Rates section of the site).


→ Whether it’s a pat on the back or a slap on the wrist, tell us your experience!

Please fill out the interview on your satisfaction we have prepared and let us know how we went!

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