Terms and Conditions of Torre Lines Navigation Company

These terms and conditions apply to anyone purchasing services from Torre Lines Srl, namely the maritime transport service between the destinations covered by the connections, even in the case of multi-leg transport.

Art.1 – Service Assumption and Acceptance of General Conditions

Torre Lines Srl, also operating as Egadi Escursioni, commits to managing the transportation of passengers and accompanying baggage (if provided for by the type of journey in question) in accordance with the following regulations. The complete and updated text of this regulation is available online on the website, to which reference is made, and is also made accessible to users at offices, direct ticket offices, and on-board Commands.

Any subsequent updates to this document, whether of an urgent nature or not yet included in the update of this “Terms and Conditions” document, even in digital format on the reference website, will be promptly communicated to the concerned parties, even verbally, by the personnel appointed by Torre Lines Srl: once the user is made aware of these emerging changes, they will take effect immediately in terms of commencement, validity, and efficacy.

Art.2 – Ticket Amount

The total amount of the ticket consists of the chosen service fee, in addition to any other rights or taxes, highlighted separately when applicable (landing fee, entrance fee to the Protected Marine Area, port fees of the Port System Authority on passenger transport, etc.).

The rates applied by the Company include services clearly indicated as an integral part of the route description and also include VAT, when applicable. To obtain information about the rates, please refer to the Company’s “prices,” which are an integral part of this regulation and can be consulted at direct ticket offices or on the website

Any additional services offered on board are optional and can be purchased on-site.

Art.3 – Children and Adolescents

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by at least one adult passenger. Regarding any age-related discounts, please refer to the fare schedule.

Please note that the presence of children in the age group of 0-4 years on board vessels engaged in excursions must be reported in any case, even if this does not incur additional costs.

Art. 4 – Cost facilitations

The Company grants cost facilitations in cases provided for and indicated in the specific section of this regulation. The facilitations established in favor of those entitled to them apply to the fares but do not cover any additional costs.

For passengers entitled to multiple facilitations, only the most favorable one will be applied, and the stacking of facilitations is not allowed.

In order for the passenger to benefit from the designated tariff facilitations, they must be in possession of documentation attesting to the right to the concession. The passenger is also required to present this documentation upon request by onboard personnel or Company representatives. Those found without such documentation will be required to pay the difference between the full fare and the reduced fare they have enjoyed, plus the onboard collection fee as specified in the tariff.

Art. 5 – Tickets

To travel on Torre Lines Company vessels, passengers must possess a valid ticket, which confirms the conclusion of the contract for the specified journey.

If the reservation is made online on the website, this travel documentation is sent by Torre Lines to the passenger via the email address specified during the entry of personal data in the booking/purchase forms.

The dispatch and receipt of travel documentation are expected within a period ranging from 2 to 24 hours from the ticket purchase. Please wait for this timeframe before reporting any issues with non-receipt. Additionally, kindly check the spam or junk folder of your email account to ensure that the documentation has not been mistakenly filtered.

The received ticket is already valid for boarding and does not require any check-in or exchange at Torre Lines’ official ticket office.

If the purchase is made through a third-party website or an affiliated agency, a different booking confirmation may be issued instead of the official ticket but is equally valid. In this case, it is necessary to present oneself at the official Torre Lines/Egadi Escursioni ticket office at least 30 minutes before the departure time, where the entire amount or any payment differences can be settled, and the official boarding ticket can be collected.

Torre Lines Srl considers itself responsible exclusively for reservations and purchases made through its direct ticket offices and official websites ( /

The customer is responsible for correctly filling out the required fields during the reservation, as well as accurately verifying the information on the ticket, such as date, type of service, number of passengers, name, surname, birth dates (also concerning access to any price reductions), etc. Any disputes due to errors in the registration or handling of such data must be raised directly with the entity that provided the service to the user.

The ticket must be kept for the entire duration of the journey and presented upon request by the Company’s inspection personnel.

Those found without a valid ticket during a check by the authorized personnel will be required to pay the full ticket price, plus the onboard collection fee as specified in the tariff. Both one-way and round-trip tickets are valid only for the specified departures, are personalized, and are non-transferable.

In the event of loss, destruction, or theft of the ticket, a new travel document must be purchased to board the vessel.

Art. 6 – Reservations

Reservation requests can be made in a timely manner before departure at the Company’s ticket offices, authorized third-party agencies, our business partners, and through the official website

In reservation and/or ticket purchase requests, it is necessary to specify the date and time of departure, the embarkation port, the destination port, the number of passengers (including and specifying the presence of any children aged 0-4 or 5-12), the personal details of at least one ticket holder, and provide any other useful information for the identification of the applicant or applicants and the correct application of the fares.

At the time of booking, the customer declares to be of legal age and undertakes to ensure the accuracy, correctness, and completeness of the provided data.

In the case of reservations that do not reach the minimum number to allow departure or in the presence of unfavorable weather-marine conditions, Torre Lines reserves the right to communicate any changes, within a period ranging from 24 hours to 30 minutes before the service. The right to a refund remains if the customer does not accept the new destination, date, or time (Article 11 – Hindrance of the nautical means – Suppression of departure – Change of itinerary – Delay of departure – Early departure due to force majeure – Interruption of the journey).

Furthermore, for logistical, organizational, and safety reasons, Torre Lines reserves the right to freely assign or change the assignment, even at the last moment, of the motorboats and yachting craft of its fleet to various routes. Therefore, at the time of booking, it will not be possible to choose the motorboat or yachting craft to embark on, so any indication provided by operators during the explanation and booking process is to be considered purely indicative.

For each reserved seat at the time of ticket issuance, a reservation fee is due as specified in the tariff. The simple request for a reservation, whose reservation has not been previously confirmed through the purchase of the ticket, does not in any way bind the Company, which is not responsible for any lack of available seats.

Art. 7 – Boarding, Disembarkation, Onboard Stay

Passengers are required to present themselves for boarding, equipped with a valid ticket, at least thirty minutes before the departure of the motor vessel; boarding is not guaranteed after the aforementioned deadline and the occupied seats will be considered available for resale once again.

It is emphasized that failure to appear for boarding within the aforementioned timeframe does not entitle the passenger to any refund, not even partial (Art. 11 – Refunds).

The boarding and disembarkation operations occur in accordance with the order and criteria established by the onboard Commander. This is done at the unquestionable discretion of the Commander, as outlined by the relevant regulations.

The embarkation, stay on board, and disembarkation of passengers are governed by legal provisions and instructions issued by the ship’s Commander in specific situations. Additionally, the following regulations apply:

  • Embarkation of passengers manifestly affected by severe or otherwise dangerous illnesses, posing a risk to navigation safety and the well-being of individuals on board, is subject to authorization from the competent Health Authorities.
  • Even if there is no danger to navigation safety or the well-being of individuals on board, passengers who are manifestly in physical conditions unsuitable for sea travel require a medical certificate authorizing the journey. This is done in the passengers’ interest (art. 10,1);
  • Passengers in an evident state of agitation or clearly and disruptively intoxicated will not be allowed on board.

In the interest of their safety, passengers are obliged to adhere to safety regulations communicated through signs, audio messages, and directly by the onboard personnel.

Art. 8 – Transport and Baggage Liability

Each passenger is entitled to bring a small-sized baggage (up to 10 kg) free of charge. Passengers paying the reduced fare (5-12 years old) are granted half of the allowance, which is 5 kg. Items that are ordinarily carried in suitcases, travel bags, boxes, and similar items for the passenger’s personal use are considered and allowed as baggage.

If items of a different nature are included in the baggage, the passenger must pay twice the fare for transporting those items, in addition to compensation for any damages. The samples of commercial travelers are also allowed as baggage.

The transport of hazardous goods of any kind on board is strictly prohibited, with an obligation to immediately report such a situation to the Competent Authorities.

From the beginning of the transport until disembarkation, the passenger is fully responsible for their baggage and its contents. The Company disclaims any responsibility for the theft of items and/or baggage left unattended. Regarding the Company’s liability, the rules provided by Articles 411 and 412 of the Navigation Code apply.

Art. 9 – Animals

Unless otherwise required by law, the transportation of dogs, cats, and other small live animals is permitted, accompanying the passengers.

Dogs must be on a leash and muzzled, while other small animals must be placed in cages or baskets, at the passenger’s discretion. Passengers with animals must stay in specially designated areas, which will be indicated by the onboard staff. Guide dogs for the visually impaired are exempt from these regulations.

The transportation and care of pets are the responsibility of the owners. The transport of pets accompanying passengers is also regulated by health provisions dictated by the competent authorities. The passenger undertakes to indemnify the Company from any liability and burden that may arise from their non-compliance with the regulatory norms mentioned above, as well as the existing laws on the matter.

The Company is not liable for incidents affecting domestic animals if the event is not attributable to it.

Art. 10 – Prohibitions

It is strictly forbidden on board to:

  • Engage in behaviors or attitudes that may cause disturbance or harassment to other passengers;
  • Practice the profession of seller, singer, musician, or similar on board and offer services or assistance to passengers;
  • It is not allowed to bring animals or objects into the salons that may cause disturbance to fellow passengers or violate hygiene and decorum norms;
  • Please refrain from lying down on sofas, standing on them, or sitting on tables;
  • Smoke in the indoor areas of the ship. A designated smoking area is provided aft, and it will be indicated by the onboard staff.
  • open and close the portholes and windows. tamper with furnishings and equipment on board: for any needs or requests in this regard, passengers must exclusively contact the ship’s personnel;
  • Wear or carry weapons and ammunition in luggage: these must be delivered to the Commander of the ship/craft at the time of boarding and will only be returned upon disembarkation. The current legal provisions regulating the carrying of weapons for military personnel are exempt;
  • Carry in luggage flammable, explosive, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous materials, as well as oxygen, compressed air, gas-filled cylinders, and the like;
  • Transport letters and packages subject to postage fees;
  • Throw objects of any kind into the sea.

Article 11 – Hindrance of the nautical means – Suppression of departure – Change of itinerary – Delay of departure – Early departure due to force majeure – Interruption of the journey

If the departure of the ship/craft is prevented due to reasons not attributable to the Company, the contract is terminated, and the Company is obligated to refund the amount paid by the customer in its favor (Art. 402 of the Navigation Code).

Subject to the existing interconnection between various traffic relationships exercised by the Company, the rules of Articles 403, 405, and 406 of the Navigation Code apply.

Art. 12 – Passenger Hindrance – Non-departure and Interruption of Passenger Journey

If the passenger is forced to interrupt the journey for reasons not attributable to them, the passage fare is due in proportion to the distance effectively traveled.

If the journey is interrupted due to the passenger’s actions, the Company is not obligated to refund the price difference for the unused portion of the passage fare (Article 406 of the Navigation Code).

Art. 13 – Refunds

Once a reservation is made online, at Torre Lines points of sale, or through authorized partners, it is possible to cancel and obtain a full refund of the paid amount only if the cancellation occurs within 7 days from the date of the purchased journey. The calculation of the terms starts from the day following the cancellation date and includes the departure date.

Exclusively for direct reservations (made without the intermediation of third-party sites or partners), the communication must be made by completing the specific form available on the website. It is specified that the received forms will be examined to verify that the cancellation occurred within the specified timeframe. The submission of the form does not imply the immediate refund; the refund will occur only after the verification is completed.

Reservation fees are never refundable. No refund is due for trips not canceled within the aforementioned terms.

Failure to present at boarding within the established time for boarding (30 minutes before the scheduled travel time) does not entitle any refund, even partial. This also applies in cases of involuntary delays or delays due to force majeure.

Once the right to a refund is confirmed, it will be processed within 15 days from the date of receiving the form and will be received according to the timing of the payment method used (PayPal account, bank transfer, credit card refund, etc.).

For any requests for changes and/or refunds related to bookings/purchases made on third-party sites or through authorized intermediaries, the requester must contact the involved party directly. This entity is both the manager and holder of the payment originally made by the passenger, and it is necessary to contact this entity directly to proceed with the refund request. The timing for issuing the refund, if due, will also depend on the terms and conditions accepted during the purchase from the third party.

Regarding round-trip tickets:

  • If the passenger cancels both journeys within the specified maximum terms (7 days from the date of the first boarding), they will receive a refund of the entire amount.

If the passenger cancels only one of the two journeys (either outbound or return, also within the specified maximum term of 7 days from the boarding date), the right to any discounts applied at the time of purchase, reserved only for round-trip tickets, is forfeited. The refund will be for the amount paid for the canceled leg, net of the applied discount, which cannot be utilized further.

Art.13.2 – Change of date/time

The passenger has the possibility to request a change of date/time for the chosen service within 48 hours of the departure time and the date of the already purchased ticket. In this case, a penalty ranging from €2.00 to €4.00 per person, per leg, will be applied. It is necessary to promptly communicate such a request to Torre Lines’ assistance and verify the actual availability of seats on the new route. Further modifications (change of date/tour) or cancellation requests will not be possible in case of subsequent unforeseen events and/or needs.

Art. 14 – Liability

The Commander acts as a judicial police officer and, in this capacity, exercises the powers outlined in articles 221 and following of the Code of Criminal Procedure, in the event that crimes are committed on board during navigation. He exerts authority over all individuals on board, including the crew and passengers. The Commander possesses disciplinary and navigational safety policing powers.

From embarkation to disembarkation, passengers are required to comply with the instructions provided by the ship’s Command. Additionally, passengers must conduct themselves with common diligence and prudence, ensuring the safety of themselves, those under their care (including animals accompanying passengers), and the security of their belongings, particularly as dictated by the weather and sea conditions during the journey.

The Company shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to behaviors contravening the prohibitions outlined in these terms and conditions. Any claims or compensation requests should be directly addressed between the involved parties.

14.1 – Prior Communication Regarding Passenger’s Health Status

Before proceeding with the reservation of any excursion with Torre Lines, passengers are required to promptly communicate any physical issues or relevant health conditions, such as pregnancy in the case of women. This prior communication allows the company to carefully assess the feasibility of the passenger’s participation in specific tours and provide personalized advice based on the disclosed conditions.

In case of emerging specific physical or health conditions, Torre Lines is committed to offering specific advice and recommendations to ensure safe participation in the activities. This may include discouraging participation in specific activities or itineraries that might pose potential risks based on the passenger’s conditions.

If the passenger decides to participate in the excursion despite the company’s recommendations or without disclosing their physical conditions, they fully assume responsibility for their decisions and the related consequences.

By booking the excursion, the passenger declares to have read carefully, understood, and accepted the provisions and responsibilities described in this article, acknowledging their responsibility regarding the provided information and decisions made.

14.2 – Responsibility for Safety during Navigation and Onboard Stay

Every adult passenger, legally competent and in possession of their faculties, or the parent of a minor, guardian, or anyone holding custody or guardianship for any reason, even temporarily, choosing to freely avail themselves of the service offered assumes all risks, including physical ones, typically associated with sea navigation and the use of a vessel as a means of transportation. This also includes civil and criminal responsibilities, without the ability to claim, under any circumstances and without exceptions (either in the listed scenarios or any unspecified ones), any request or demand for compensation against the navigation company Torre Lines srl in the event of accidents, injuries, or discomfort of any nature and extent.

  • It is highlighted that weather and sea conditions, which can change based on the time of day or different maritime crossing zones, may require navigation in slightly rough/moderate/very rough seas. This is subject to the Captain’s decisions regarding excursion cancellation for safety reasons, as outlined in the Navigation Code and Article 11 of this document. This possibility may be particularly challenging for those prone to motion sickness (commonly known as “seasickness”). Individuals with this condition are advised to take appropriate natural/medical remedies. Additionally, it may affect individuals with disabilities or those suffering from specific health conditions (such as spinal issues) or recent surgeries, making them particularly sensitive. Considering all relevant medical and health cases related to the protection of individuals’ safety during sea navigation, passengers are required to seek specific information before purchasing a travel ticket. They are also obligated to notify the navigation company and the Captain in advance of departure, in a timely manner that does not delay the boarding process, allowing the Captain to offer the best advice and protection for passengers based on knowledge of the vessel’s characteristics and the latest weather updates on sea conditions. It is implicitly stated, in accordance with the law and the Navigation Code, that the Captain has the authority to refuse boarding to individuals with specific health issues for the sake of individual and collective safety. No refund is due to those citing physical conditions or discomfort that lead them to decide not to board or if the Captain decides to prohibit boarding due to the severity of the conditions.
  • Furthermore, there is the possibility that a part or the entire flooring of the vessel may become slippery due to being wet, or may be cluttered with objects/luggage/equipment, and more. Therefore, individual passengers always bear the responsibility to pay due attention during movements onboard the vessel and, in any case, to observe all possible behaviors for the protection of their own and others’ health and safety, enabling/enjoying the serene use of the service.
14.3 – Special Assistance

To receive assistance and understand the transportation procedures for passengers with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs or facing other mobility challenges, it is essential to contact Torre Lines’ Assistance Service before making a reservation. By communicating any mobility-related needs of the passenger in advance, it will be possible to arrange a more effective and personalized service.

Art. 15 – Prescription

The rights arising from the contract of passenger and accompanying baggage transportation are subject to the expiration of the terms specified in Article 418 of the Navigation Code.

In any case, passengers experiencing injuries related to events occurring from the start of embarkation until the completion of disembarkation must report them to the Ship’s Command before the final disembarkation.

Art. 16 – Complaints

Passengers, upon noticing deficiencies or irregularities in the services provided by the Company, may communicate them to the Ship’s Command or the Torre Lines Company Management by writing to

Art.17 – Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with Article 13 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 concerning the protection of personal data, the Company, as the data controller, informs that the personal data provided by the passenger will be processed for purposes strictly related to the management of the contractual relationship and the provision of services, including through information systems, ensuring their security and confidentiality.

Art. 18 – Reference

For anything not covered by these transport conditions, the provisions of the Navigation Code, the Civil Code, and other applicable legal provisions shall apply.

Art. 19 – Competent jurisdiction

Any dispute shall be exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Court of Trapani.

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